Friday, February 26, 2010

I'M ON FIRE!!!!!

No wait, that's just the Clomid induced hot flashes. And yes, the nudity is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! So quit asking. I'm going supernova, stellar explosion style.

The understanding of the toddler brain must require a committee of geniuses supervised by even smarter geniuses who are all confused as to why stickers must be placed in the armpit for maximum enjoyment. Carry on.

Best friends since yesterday.

I added some folks, some strangers. But I feel joined at the infertile hip and stuff so hopefully you won't feel I'm too intrusive. After all your blog is public.

Oh yeah, and we're starting the potty training process. Well, not now of course, don't be silly. Later, March 5th to be exact. Arbitrary days are very exciting. I set some goals, read some stuff, made a plan, got some pretty sound advice from others.... now on with the show.

If I had know then what I know now

I wouldn't change a thing. I knew six weeks after my daughter was born that I wanted another kid. Call it greed, call it love, call it crazy, but that's the truth. So, we're trying again, three years older, three years wiser.
And on a completely unrelated note if you want something smaller than a baseball to become lost, just hand it to a toddler and spin around once.